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Intel® SSDs Sow the Seeds for Greater Efficiency

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France-based KUHN is one of the world’s leading farming machinery manufacturers, prioritizing the delivery of the highest quality products. When the workstations, on which it runs its core product-design software, began to run slowly, KUHN sought a more reliable, higher-performance solution. A comparison between a traditional hard-drive-based workstation and one powered by an Intel® Solid-State Drive (Intel® SSD) found that the latter delivered 20 percent better performance for the design application. KUHN has implemented 35 new workstations based on Intel SSDs, and plans to roll out more to other departments.

• Speed up design. Ensure designers and engineers can work as efficiently as possible when bringing new ideas to the marketplace
• Support user experience. Keep core software running smoothly with minimal downtime or waiting for applications to respond

• Model comparison. Core application was run on both Intel SSD and SAS hard-drive-based workstations to compare performance and responsiveness
• Switch to SSD. Workstation powered by Intel SSDs delivered 20 percent better performance

• Greater efficiency. Workstations can now boot-up faster and handle more demanding, complex designs
• Happy users. Engineers no longer spend time waiting for slow workstations, allowing them to focus more on their core roles and increase productivity.

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