Ventless Mini-PCs Are a Perfect Fit for American Woodmark

Harsh, dusty conditions were increasing maintenance and downtime on the PC hardware running the assembly lines at kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturer, American Woodmark. Moving to Logic Supply’s ventless and fanless industrial mini PCs, powered by the Intel® Core™ family of processors, cut tech support time and maintenance requirements, while boosting uptime on cabinet manufacturing producti...on lines.

• Turning up the heat. Cabinet manufacturing creates dust and wood debris which clogged up traditional PCs causing overheating and failures.

• Vacuuming sucks up time. To keep the assembly lines running, American Woodmark’s technical staff had to regularly vacuum or blow out the PCs to reduce the risk of overheating that was impacting their hardware lifecycle.

• Line downtime impacts productivity. While swapping out the PCs didn’t take IT staff long, a line being down for any period of time could impact as many as 450 workers.