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Industries of all sizes, around the world, are investing in fast, scalable storage solutions to solve today’s most challenging problems or to create sustainable competitive advantages. Whether you’re modeling the effects of climate change on the coastline of China or searching for new sources of energy, you need the parallel performance and scalability of Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software. Intel's High Performance Data Division (HPDD) is the primary developer, maintainer, and technical support provider for Lustre software.

Although every Lustre configuration is unique, Intel HPDD has the skills to support your unique requirements. As the recognized experts in the development of Lustre software, Intel HPDD has the technical expertise and experience you need to support even the most complex configurations. Simply put, you can count on the Lustre experts within Intel HPDD to minimize the impact of any disruption—whether due to hardware failure, administrative error, or software flaw.

Enterprise-Grade Technical Support and Services
Intel HPDD, working through our global network of OEM, integrator, and reseller partners, provides enterprise-grade support and services for Lustre-powered storage solutions of all sizes and complexity.

Our support offerings are available in two forms:

  1. Community releases
  2. Intel-enhanced versions of Lustre software (community releases with Intel enhancements and features)

From standards-based, community release configurations to Intel-enhanced deployments, you can count on the proven Lustre technical support from HPDD to ensure that your storage solutions are always on and available.

View latest technical support matrix.

Contact your Intel HPDD storage partner or email to learn more about the Lustre support portfolio from Intel.

Support can also be found in Lustre’s vibrant user community.
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