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Building Home-Based Community Elder Care

White Paper: Examines the current state of elder care in China and the potential of home-based community elder care models with smart technologies.

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Data Center Strategy Leading Intel’s Business Transformation

IT@Intel White Paper: Intel IT’s transformative data center strategy results in improved cost efficiency and resource utilization.

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Intel® University Research: Focused

Intel® University Research influences the strategic direction of Intel and its ecosystem through focused, long-range interdisciplinary programs.

Automotive Innovation: Safety and Convenience Driven by Intel

Intel is investing in groundbreaking research to explore the most natural and intuitive ways to incorporate technologies into the vehicle.

Intel Journal for 4G Wireless Communication Aspects and Tools

Intel Technology Journal – Volume 18, Issue 03 4G Wireless Communications: Real World Aspects and Tools

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High Performance Computing Speeds Oil and Gas Discovery

Intel® Scalable System Framework for high-performance computing speeds up oil and gas seismic data processing, extracting valuable information.

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Wearable Medical Devices, Big Data & Parkinson’s Disease Research

Learn how wearable medical devices are advancing Parkinson’s research through the collection and analysis of data that has never been seen before.

Intel® Curie™ Module: Unleashing Wearable Computing Innovation

The Intel® Curie™ module, the smallest PC, brings innovation in wearable computing to life with a low-power Intel® Quark™ system on a chip, and more

Intel Labs Researchers

The researchers of Intel Labs focus on a variety of innovation areas including transportation, immersive experience, efficient computing, and more.