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Intel Research Drives Automotive Innovation

Intel is investing in groundbreaking research to explore the most natural and intuitive ways to incorporate technologies into the vehicle.

HPC: Bridging the Gap Between Experimental and Computational Chemistry at PNNL

The Cascade HPC supercomputer helps scientists bridge the gap between experimental and computational chemistry.

Building Home-Based Community Elder Care

White Paper: Examines the current state of elder care in China and the potential of home-based community elder care models with smart technologies.

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Intel® Parallel Computing Centers Overview

Researchers discuss how Intel® Parallel Computing Centers will provide the capabilities to answer bigger questions and make new discoveries.

High Temperature Hosting Data Center

White Paper: Explores high ambient temp data center operating conditions via tests to identify cooling power savings and effects on server power use.

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Madrid Health Service Migration Reduces Spending

Case Study: Madrid Health Service improves performance, costs, and flexibility with RISC migration to Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers.

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Intel Technology Journal – Towards Secure and Usable Authentication

Intel Technology Journal – Volume 18, Issue 04 Towards Secure and Usable Authentication

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Accelerating Genome Analysis

Intel helps address the technical infrastructure needed to enable ubiquitous genomics at scale.

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Intel Technology Journal – How to Unify Networking and Communictions For Our Homes, Offices and Beyond

Intel Technology Journal – Volume 05, Issue 02 How to Unify Networking and Communictions For Our Homes, Offices and Beyond

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Intel Technology Journal – Tera-scale Computing

Intel Technology Journal – Volume 11, Issue 03 Tera-scale Computing

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