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Intel® Distributor Resource Center: Feature Topic Overview

View topics featuring Intel partners’ products and how they integrate with Intel® technology, with marketing resources, sales tools, and training.

Intel® Solid-State Drives: Online Marketing Assets

Download JPG, high-resolution, and other product images of Intel® Solid-State Drives.

It’s Your Job to Update Your Customers: Marketing Ad

Photo of man and woman looking at laptop anchored above “It’s your job to update your customers” slogan.

Intel® Small Business Advantage: OEM Implementation Guide

OEM installation and customization of the out-of-the box hardware-based security and productivity suite for small businesses.

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Intel® Small Business Advantage: Resellers Release Notes

Reseller notes for the 1.0.21 release of Intel® Small Business Advantage, an out-of-the-box security and productivity suite for small businesses.

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4th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro Processors

Access marketing assets on 4th generation Intel® Core™ vPro processors, including images, product briefs, and usage guidelines.

Intel® Core™ M Processor Product Brief

Product brief: Intel® Core™ M Processor

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Intel Networking Products: Marketing Assets

Access marketing assets on Intel Networking Products, including images, and usage guidelines.

Intel® Approved Supplier: Buy with Confidence

Explore the benefits of working with an Intel® Approved Supplier, featured Intel® Authorized Distributor topics, and the latest promotions and offers.

Find Intel® Authorized Distributors

Find the right Intel® Authorized Distributor by product category using the table, and view component inventory information.