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Intel IoT Showcase

Intel IDF 2014 IoT showcase schedule of events with descriptions, including community demos, courses, and poster chats.

Intel forms Industrial Internet Consortium

Intel, along with AT&T, Cisco, GE and IBM created the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

Internet of Things Challenges and Business Opportunities

How Intel, McAfee, and Wind River are accelerating the Internet of Things to drive business transformation

Internet of Things Value Chain - Bottom line benefits

Catalyzing the IoT with integrated, scalable, thing-to-cloud solutions

Intel® IoT Gateways Setup IDP and Build OS: Video

Video: Intel® IoT Gateways tutorial on how to install and set up the Wind River IDP and build an OS image. (v.1.2.13, May 2014)

Intel® IoT Gateways IDP with McAfee (MEC): Video

Video: Intel® IoT Gateways tutorial on Wind River* IDP with McAfee* Embedded Control (MEC) security features. (v.2.2.11, Jun. 2014)

Intelligent Shelf*: Omni-Channel Strategy for Digital Signage

Solution Brief: The SB Creative Intelligent Shelf* offers an omni-channel strategy with Intel® Retail Client Manager for digital signage.

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Internet of Things Helped Daikin Transform the HVAC Industry

Intelligent gateway solutions from Intel for the Internet of Things help Daikin Applied transform the HVAC industry.

Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform XT EMS Profile: User Guide

Detailed overview of the Wind River* Edge Management System (EMS) and its device and cloud-side components. (v.1, Dec. 2014)

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Internet of Things Sensors Add Intelligence to Trucks

Internet of Things sensors adding intelligence to their trucks has saved fuel and improved driver education and truck maintenance.