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IoT Innovation at IDF 2014

Take a glimpse at Intel’s work in IoT innovation at IDF 2014, transforming everyday devices into new, smart, and amazing solutions.

Solving the “Make vs Buy” Hardware Dilemma

Case Study: How to decide whether to make or buy hardware, processors, board systems, and software for designing and engineering new solutions.

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Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending

Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending helps increase sales through an enhanced vending experience while reducing operating costs.

Intel® Gateway Solutions for Internet of Things Development Kits

Quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements.

Dr. Hawking’s Connected Wheelchair Project

In the Connected Wheelchair Project, Intel® technology helps Dr. Hawking analyze his health, chair, and accessibility for a better day-to-day life.

Intel IoT Showcase

Intel IDF 2014 IoT showcase schedule of events with descriptions, including community demos, courses, and poster chats.

Accelerate Industrial Opportunity

Intel is accelerating the industrial Internet of Things by delivering end-to-end solutions distinguished by a high-performance, scalable architecture.

Intel® Gateway Solutions for the IoT–Knowledge Forum: Guide

Guide: Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things–Knowledge Forum provides hardware and software support. (v.0.5, Jun. 2014)

Deliver a Perfect, Personalized Shopping Experience

Intel’s Joe Jensen discusses how the Internet of Things can deliver a perfect, personalized shopping experience at Intel Solutions Summit 2014.

Empower Businesses to Deliver Retail Engagement

Intel’s Dan Gutwein shows how digital signage can improve retail engagement with visual, product-specific content and dynamic advertising.