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Intel and Dell Increase Manufacturing Performance with the IoT

Solution Blueprint: Data analytics and IoT technology solution from Dell and Intel improves manufacturing performance, cost savings, and efficiencies.

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Smart Building Efficiency with Intel® IoT Gateway

Internet of Things solutions using the Intel® IoT Gateway improve smart building efficiency through office, conference room, and parking systems.

A Smarter Office Experience with Internet of Things Solutions

With Internet of Things-based sensors and apps, Coor Service Management accelerates the smarter office and improves the customer experience.

Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions, Tokenization

Brad Corrion, of Intel's Retail Solutions Division, demonstrates Intel® Data Protection Technology for transactions with an end-to-end mobile example.

Accelerate Industrial Opportunity

Intel is accelerating the industrial Internet of Things by delivering end-to-end solutions distinguished by a high-performance, scalable architecture.

Intel® IoT Platform Reference Model and Products Solution Brief

The Intel® IoT Platform is a secure, interoperable, and scalable solution for connecting devices and delivering data and value through analytics.

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Intel® IoT Gateway Development Kits

Quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements.

Intel® IoT Gateways Setup IDP and Build OS: Video

Video: Intel® IoT Gateways tutorial on how to install and set up the Wind River IDP and build an OS image. (v.1.2.13, May 2014)

Intel® IoT Gateways IDP with McAfee (MEC): Video

Video: Intel® IoT Gateways tutorial on Wind River* IDP with McAfee* Embedded Control (MEC) security features. (v.2.2.11, Jun. 2014)

Intel® IoT Gateways and IBM* IoT Foundation: Video

Solutions Architect with Intel, Craig Owen, shows us how to connect an Intel® gateway to the IBM* IoT cloud. (v.1, Nov. 2014)