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Intel® Ethernet Controller I350: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: List of Frequently Asked Questions for the Intel® Ethernet Controller I350; entries not listed in any particular order. (v.2.2, Jun. 2014)

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Intel® Ethernet Connection I347-AT4: Spec Update

Update to the Intel® Ethernet Connection I347-AT4 Datasheet, including changes, errata, and clarifications. (v.1.2, Sep. 2013)

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Intel® 82547GI GbE Controller: Product Brief

Enables LAN on motherboard applications using Communication Streaming Architecture for desktops and workstations. (v.1, Oct. 2003)

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Intel® 82541ER Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Specification Update

Specification Update: Covers stepping information for Intel® 82541ER GbE controller.

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Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710 Specification Update

Update to the Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710 datasheet, including hardware clarifications, changes, updates, and errata. (v.2.3, Apr. 2015)

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Gigabit Ethernet MAC/PHY Family Controllers

Find Gigabit Ethernet MAC/PHY controller family product briefs, software drivers, and specs with single-component compact implementation.

Intel® Ethernet Controller X540 Family

Intel® Ethernet Controller X540 family technical resources for 10 Gb Ethernet cost reduction.

Intel® Ethernet Controller I350 Family

Intel® Ethernet Controller I350 family technical resources for flexible design and in-box driver support.

Intel® 82580 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Family

Intel® 82580 Gigabit Ethernet Controller family technical resources for fewer required support components.

Intel® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Connection Family

Intel® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Connection family technical resources for reduced power usage in networking components.