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Four IT Managers Talk Virtual Desktop Management

Four IT managers discuss virtual desktop management models for four industries: financial services, education, healthcare, and general office.

Migrate the Data Center to Open Standards: Why It Makes Sense

Covers data center demands and why migrating to open standards provides scalability, more innovations, and simpler cloud migration.

Migrate the Data Center to Open Standards: Making the Decision

Explains the step-by-step process for deciding whether a standards-based data center outweighs the costs and how to gradually migrate over time.

Data Center Migration for Mission-Critical Environments

Intel IT migrates mission-critical computing platforms from proprietary systems to Intel® architecture, including silicon design and manufacturing.

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Red Hat и Intel: надежные критически важные вычисления

Video: Red Hat Linux 6* running on Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family is an alternative to UNIX/RISC-based platforms for mission-critical computing.

將關鍵任務的環境移轉到 Intel® 架構

Intel IT 開始執行一項長期策略,亦即將任務關鍵的電腦運算環境從專屬系統移轉到 Intel® 架構。這些環境包括矽晶設計、製造以及全球企業資源規劃 (ERP)。經過詳密的規劃流程並遵循最佳準則,結果整個移轉程序並沒有那麼困難,而且所實現的效益比原來預期的更高。

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Server Migration: Transition to Intel®-based Solutions

Discover how to implement server migration from expensive, proprietary platforms to Intel® technology-based solutions for mission-critical needs.

Alinean 分析報告: 藉由移轉至 SUSE Linux*,有效降低總持有成本 (TCO)

此白皮書概述從 Novell for SAP 移轉至執行 SUSE Linux* 的 IBM eX5 Enterprise Systems* 以及搭載 Intel® Xeon® 7500 系列處理器的伺服器。

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Cisco Unified Computing System: 可靠、高效能、可延展的平台,適合所有的 Oracle 環境

很多公司需要依靠即時精準的資訊,提高企業營運的成功。然而,多套資料庫解決方案、應用及硬體平台,造成資料中心更加錯綜複雜,使得 IT 部門疲於奔命。採用執行 Oracle 解決方案的 Cisco Unified Computing System™ 建立標準,提供可延展、可靠且高效能的資訊平台,對於企業營運極為重要。這個經過實證且徹底簡化的平台,結合 Oracle 解決方案,可以快速且一致保護公司的資料資產,降低風險與總持有成本 (TCO)。

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Intel® Xeon® 處理器 7500 系列: 產品簡介

產品簡介: Intel® Xeon® 處理器 7500 系列採用 Intel® 微架構,提升將近四倍的可延展效能。

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