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Small Business Video Group

The Small Business Video Group

Best Mobile Devices for Small Business

Find the Best Mobile Devices for Small Business. Your business moves fast. What are you waiting for?

End of Support for Windows* XP for Small Business

End of Support for Windows XP for Small Business

Evaluating Apache Hadoop* Software for Big Data ETL Functions

We determined that Hadoop works well for ETL with big data datasets that come from, pass through, or rest in Hadoop.

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OpenStack* Open Source Software for Cloud Computing

Video: IT experts discuss OpenStack proof of concept, which aligns with security and carbon footprint usage models from the Open Data Center Alliance.

Red Hat, ODCA Proof of Concept Solutions

Red Hat partners with Intel to enable business agility with Red Hat CloudForms.

Intel® Cloud Builders: Cloud Computing Interoperability

Canonical discusses their Cloud Builders reference architecture and how to build a cloud with Intel® Xeon® processors and Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud*.

Intel® Cloud Builders: Cisco and Cloud Computing

Cisco demos their Virtualized Multi-Tenant Data Center* for cloud computing.


英特尔 IT 在企业中基于位置的服务的使用方面察觉到一个绝佳的机遇,并已经开始试用 三个使用基于位置的服务的应用 — FriendFinder、WayFinder 和 You Are Here 地图。员 工可以选择使用基于位置的服务从他们自己所在的地点和工作环境中其他资源的相对位 置中获取价值。

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Intel® Cloud Builders: Fujitsu and Cloud Infrastructure

Fujitsu discusses their reference architecture and how to deploy a cloud with Intel® Xeon® processor technology and PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers*.