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Intel® Silicon Photonics Research

Intel® Silicon Photonics Research

Migrating Mission Critical Systems to Intel® Architecture

Intel IT’s business case for migrating, the challenges faced transitioning to a new platform, and the great benefits derived from the transition.

Transforming Sales Productivity with Social Collaboration

Intel IT and Sales and Marketing created a scalable social collaboration framework that integrates business systems and provides working flexibility.

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Intel Technology Journal

4G Wireless Communications: Real World Aspects and Tools

Intel Technology Journal

4G Communications: System Design Challenges

Intel Technology Journal

Sustainable Intelligent Systems

Intel Technology Journal Abstract

Exploring Control and Autonomic Computing

Intel Technology Journal

Intelligent Embedded Systems

Meet the Intel Labs Researchers

The researchers of Intel Labs focus on a variety of innovation areas including transportation, immersive experience, efficient computing, and more.

Intel Technology Journal – Towards Secure and Usable Authentication

Intel Technology Journal – Volume 18, Issue 04 Towards Secure and Usable Authentication

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