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Innovation Across Industries

By building intelligence into technologies that span multiple industries, Intel is helping the world realize what’s possible.

Intel® Innovation Across Industries

Intel® innovation across industries helps retail, energy management, transportation, healthcare, and education.

Advantech and LiDCO Advanced Cardiovascular Monitoring System

Case Study: Advantech terminal technology reduces development costs and improves key time to market for LiDCOrapid* cardiovascular monitoring system.

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Unify Device Management, Cyber Security in the Connected Hospital

Solution Brief: Intel, Symantec*, and Emerson Network Power* make Connected Hospital, unifying remote management and security to healthcare platforms.

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Respondesign's MayaFit Digital Fitness Trainer*

MayaFit is the world's first digital fitness trainer, delivering the benefits of a personal trainer to every person in a fitness center.

Inside IT: Deploying Microsoft Windows 8* in the Enterprise

Intel IT’s Tiffany Pany talks about preparation leading up to our Microsoft Windows 8* deployment and plans for ramping the distribution throughout.

Deploying Windows* 8 and Touch: Presentation Materials

Presentation slides for the live Intel® IT Center Talk to an Expert webinar titled Deploying Windows* 8 and Touch in the Enterprise.

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在企業中部署 Microsoft Windows* 8

執行 Windows* 8 且採用 Intel® 架構的裝置,不但同時具備觸控式和傳統式的輸入功能,還有最佳化的行動力和安全性。

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Microsoft Windows* 8 的資安防護能力在 Intel® 架構的平板電腦上如虎添翼

Intel IT 在 Intel® 架構的平板電腦上,針對 Microsoft Windows* 8 進行評估,發現此組合能夠為 IT 和使用者提供嶄新的安全性和可管理性效益。

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Inside IT:在企業中部署 Microsoft Windows 8*

Intel IT 的 Tiffany Pany 談論佈署 Microsoft Windows 8* 的準備作業,以及發佈新系統的規劃過程。