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Intel IT: Best Practices for PC Fleet Management

Executive Insights: Intel IT uses regular refresh, smart technology, consumerization and proactive support to maintain PC fleet and empower employees.

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Intel IT and the Economic Environment

Video: Diane Bryant discusses current economic environment and greater need for IT to drive productivity and efficiency across the entire company.

Accelerating Sales for Small Businesses: Solution Brief

KMS Components boosts revenues on Accelerate SMB, a training tool focusing on Windows 7* and the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor’s business benefits.

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Data Storage Solutions

Data Storage Solutions - This paper describes Intel IT’s approach to managing growing demand for storage capabilities without increasing costs.

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Intel® IT Center: Webinars and Events for IT Managers

Welcome to the home of Intel® IT Center events. Register for upcoming events or check out the archive.

A Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Solution for Intel Factories

IT Perspective: lower factory downtime and loss of revenue by stretching mission-critical systems between two data centers within the same facility.

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資料儲存解決方案 - 本白皮書描述 Intel IT 採取的途徑,要管理對於儲存功能不斷成長的需求,而又不增加成本。

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企業併購後 IT 整合的最佳準則

Intel IT 發現,藉由延伸企業 IT 標準來涵蓋併購的 IT 環境,通常可以加快 IT 整合過程並降低成本,進而實現更高的效益。

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Intel® IT Center: 網路研討會與活動

歡迎光臨 Intel® IT Center 活動中心。立即註冊,即可獲悉近期活動消息以及查閱存檔資料。

Intel 工廠所採用的災後復原最佳準則

Intel IT 實作了商業營運連續性的解決方案,在相同設施的兩個資料中心之間,延展關鍵任務系統的運用。

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