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Secure Cloud for Healthcare Data

Produce a scalable, secure cloud based on today’s enterprise IT requirements.

Data Center Requirements: Refresh for Operating Efficiency

An overview about how upgraded data center technology can help IT spend less time managing the data center and more time serving the business.

Intel IT's Data Center Strategy for Business Transformation

Our data center transformation strategy is to effect change in a disciplined manner and apply breakthrough technologies, solutions, and processes.

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Intel and EMC ViPR* Cloud Storage Solutions

Intel’s Bev Crair and EMC’s Boaz Palgi discuss software-defined Intel and EMC ViPR* cloud storage solutions that help manage and extract data value.

Adopting Software-Defined Networking in the Enterprise

Software-defined networking (SDN) enables on-demand provisioning of networks and network services.

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Intel® Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X520/X540 Family

インテル® イーサネット・サーバー・バイパス・アダプター X520/X540 は、単一障害が発生してもネットワーク・トラフィックを継続し、10GbE によるビジネスの継続性を確保できます。

Intel® Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X520/X540 Family

Continuing network traffic at a single failure point, the Intel® Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X520/X540 delivers 10GbE business continuity.

Intel® Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X520/X540 Family

在发生单点故障是继续保持网络流量,英特尔® 以太网服务器旁路适配器 X520/X540 提供 10GbE 的企业级业务持续性。

Data Center Optimization

Discover why and how you should invest in data center optimization with guidance and tools created from Intel’s rich experience with the data center.

What is McAfee ePO Deep Command*

What is McAfee ePO Deep Command*? Learn how McAfee ePO Deep Command helps IT enhance security and lower costs.