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Intel® IT Center: Webinars and Events for IT Managers

Welcome to the home of Intel® IT Center events. Register for upcoming events or check out the archive.

Intel® IT Center Delivers IT Resources: Watch the Video

Watch this video to discover the benefits of joining the Intel® IT Center, our new program delivering premium resources to IT professionals


IT 商業智慧資料管理團隊需要負責蒐集、儲存、處理以及發佈 Intel 在營運上所需的資料。

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Intel IT 已在設計、製造和安全性等領域,成功完成進階分析功能的部署,使企業的靈敏度和決策能力更上一層樓。

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Intel® IT Center: 網路研討會與活動

歡迎光臨 Intel® IT Center 活動中心。立即註冊,即可獲悉近期活動消息以及查閱存檔資料。

Intel IT Center - 共享 IT 經驗以促成 IT 專案 - 立即加入

加入 Intel® IT Center,即可存取易懂實用的資訊,以協助您快速實作各種大型專案。

Keeping Researchers Connected

Case Study: CERN, Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit iWARP server adapter keeps nuclear research HPC cluster simple and effective

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NetEffect Server Cluster Adapter Product Brief

Provide accelerated 10 Gigabit Ethernet processing to benefit high performance computing clustering and financial market data systems.

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IDF 2009: Industry's First PCI-SIG SR-IOV Based NPIA Demo

Video: Industry's First PCI-SIG SR-IOV Based NPIA Demo at the IDF 2009

IDF 2009: PCI-SIG SR-IOV Based Storage I/O Virtualization Solution

Video: Luca Bert talks about how LSI, Red-Hat, and Intel are delivering on Single Root (SR) I/O Virtualization Solutions.