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Lego Retail uses Augmented Reality to 3D Model the Product

Lego retail stores worldwide use augmented reality to create 3D models of toys with the use of interactive boxes.

Intelligent Transportation Use Models

Research on intelligent traffic systems help manage highways and guide congested traffic, as well as provide guidance in disaster situations.

Fireball First Responder Tool

Fireball analyzes the chemical properties of an industrial fire and sends information, so firefighters can assess a fire before going into a building.

Justin Rattner on the Future of Computing

Intel Chief Technology Officer, Justin Rattner, on what the future looks like for computing.

Intel CTO Justin Rattner: The Next 40 Years of Computing

Justin Rattner on Intel’s first 40 years as well as how technology will bring man and machine closer together in the next 40.

Vibrant Media: Citizen Science Project

See how everyday photos are turned into visual data points for scientific studies involving social use, climate, and more.

Vibrant Media: Future Postcard

See how photos, social networks, and 3D models map out a uniquely immersive and interactive experience that goes beyond regular tourist photos.

Device Independent Multi-Reality Interface

Demo of a factory alarm system shows how a combination of video and computer graphics can be used together to achieve independent multi-reality.

Disaster Warning System

The disaster warning system allows government agencies to send emergency alerts and instructions directly to connected devices via the internet.

Intelligent Traffic System

The intelligent traffic system can be used in a disaster to help emergency responders and the public navigate the roads for evacuation.