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IoT in Retail Delivers Immersive Shopping Experiences

Explore Intel®-based device, service, and turnkey solutions, and see how IoT in retail inspires richer shopping experiences.

Data-Driven Decision-Making in Retail

Brief: See how Intel works with retailers to build effective data-driven enterprises that assess analytics, identify business goals, and more.

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Creating the Ultimate Shopping Experience—SAP HANA* and Intel

Brief: See how SAP HANA* and Intel provide a single platform, real-time analytics solution to help retailers deliver the ultimate shopping experience.

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What is ‘Big Data’ in Retail and Why You Should Care

Summary: See how technology experts Hitachi Data Systems, Intel, and SAP are helping retailers leverage big data to create powerful business results.

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Intel® Wireless Adapters for Embedded Applications

Intel® wireless adapters combine premium Wi-Fi, and extended range in data-intensive business and home networks.

Predictive Analytics Help Foresee Future Purchasing Behaviors

Use Case: See how by using predictive analytics from Intel and Cloudera, a French household appliances company predicts buying trends among customers.

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Retailers Capitalize on Big Data with Hitachi, SAP, and Intel

See how Hitachi, Intel, and SAP HANA are helping retailers capitalize on big data with a comprehensive solution to store, manage, and analyze.


Cardiovascular training products with interactive touchscreen displays provide easy navigation.

Tablets and Terminals

Healthcare information technology solutions range from medical tablets and bedside terminals to backend servers.

Ultrasound Solutions

Ultrasound imaging (sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to image soft tissues in real time.