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Why IoT is a Top Priority for Retail

See why the IoT is a top priority for retail with solutions such as the Intel® Retail Sensor Platform to gather intelligence and study trends.

IoT in Retail Delivers Immersive Shopping Experiences

Explore Intel®-based device, service, and turnkey solutions, and see how IoT in retail inspires richer shopping experiences.

Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions: Video

Video: Retailers can secure credit card and personal data with Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions. (v.2, Mar. 2016)

The Future of Retail Through the Internet of Things (IoT)

White Paper: Describes results of research that shows how by adopting IoT, retailers can combine the online and in-store experience for customers.

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Amazing Retail Experiences—Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) Devices

Paul Butcher, an Intel Retail Industry Strategist, describes how businesses are using mobile devices to revolutionize in-store shopping experiences.

SAS* Real-Time Analytics Solutions for Retailers

Brief: See how SAS* real-time analytics solutions make it easy for retailers to process massive amounts of data for better business decision making.

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Survive a Changing Retail Landscape with NCR Sales Advisor

Infographic: See how retailers can bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping experiences with NCR Sales Advisor on Intel® devices.

The Convergence of the Digital and Physical Worlds

Solution Guide: The convergence of the digital and physical retail experiences could help increase sales through crowd sourcing and other trends.

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Optimize Store Profits and the Customer Experience

Infographic: Shows how to optimize store profits and the customer experience with the Intel® Retail Sensor Platform and JDA Store Logistics Software*.

Guided Selling: Lift Conversion and Customer Satisfaction

Infographic: Explores how to use guided selling and mobile tools to raise conversion with customized solutions that assist sales staff.