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Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework for Virtual Shopping Solution

Solution Brief: Virtual shopping solution with Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework brings products to life via interactive in-store signage systems.

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adidas Virtual Footwear Wall* Increases Sales

Chris Aubrey explains working with Intel to create the adidas Virtual Footwear Wall*, highlighting the increase in sales generated at adidas stores.

Разработка систем розничной торговли для современного рынка

Найдите идеи и инструменты разработки решений для розничной торговли, которые обеспечат расширенные возможности для пользователей, увеличат прибыль и повысят лояльность потребителей.

Envisioning Technology’s Role in Transforming Retail’s Future

Solution Brief: Discusses future technologies that will transform retail by improving efficiency, shopping experiences, and marketing effectiveness.

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Intelligent Coffee Station Solution

Solution Blueprint: Intelligent coffee station generates data for brand promotion, strengthening pricing power and increasing sales per transaction.

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Intelligent Social Display Solution Raises Brand Engagement: Brief

Solution Brief: Phocabby* social display solution allows customers to easily take, post, and interact with brand-themed photos through social media.

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Interactive Systems Bring Multichannel Retailing Into the Store

Solution Brief: Mark and Spencer develops a multichannel digital kiosk-based retail approach to increase online visibility, enable faster purchasing.

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Contactless Payment Technology Drives Vending Machine Revenue

Case Study: TouchGo Contactless Payment Technology* combines payment options, interactive touchscreen, and HD video for increased revenue.

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Помощь в создании привлекательных решений для розничной торговли

Поиск интеграторов розничных систем на базе архитектуры Intel®, которые создают интеллектуальные управляемые решения для цифровых табло, киосков и мобильных POS-терминалов для повышения уровня вовлеченности клиентов.

Intel® Digital Security Surveillance Enables Retail Intelligence

Learn how Intel® DSS extends beyond security to deliver in-depth retail intelligence that can be used to optimize business processes.