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IoT in Retail Delivers Immersive Shopping Experiences

Explore Intel®-based device, service, and turnkey solutions, and see how IoT in retail inspires richer shopping experiences.

Data-Driven Decision-Making in Retail

Brief: See how Intel works with retailers to build effective data-driven enterprises that assess analytics, identify business goals, and more.

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Creating the Ultimate Shopping Experience—SAP HANA* and Intel

Brief: See how SAP HANA* and Intel provide a single platform, real-time analytics solution to help retailers deliver the ultimate shopping experience.

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What is ‘Big Data’ in Retail and Why You Should Care

Summary: See how technology experts Hitachi Data Systems, Intel, and SAP are helping retailers leverage big data to create powerful business results.

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Predictive Analytics Help Foresee Future Purchasing Behaviors

Use Case: See how by using predictive analytics from Intel and Cloudera, a French household appliances company predicts buying trends among customers.

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Retailers Capitalize on Big Data with Hitachi, SAP, and Intel

See how Hitachi, Intel, and SAP HANA are helping retailers capitalize on big data with a comprehensive solution to store, manage, and analyze.

Improve Targeted Marketing with Consumer Segmentation

Brief: See how a food processing company uses Cloudera distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH) to develop in-depth consumer segmentation.

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Intel and Cloudera Improve Company’s Predictive Analysis Abilities

Use Case: See how by using predictive analysis tools from Intel and Cloudera, a confectioner boosts holiday sales, while reducing inventory.

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An IoT Example Story: Blue Jeans in Retail

A pair of jeans shows an example of what IoT can do, with retail solutions to manage inventory, and facilitate alerts and just-in-time deliveries.

Simple, Effective Solutions for Retailers

Discover secure, flexible Intel® solutions for retailers that help connect your organization’s channels and systems for an experience customers love.