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Supporting Caregivers: Intel-GE Care Innovations™

Discover how Intel-GE Care Innovations™ is helping support caregivers with challenges like scheduling, managing tasks, tracking medications, and more.

Delivering on the Promise of Clinical Mobility

Mobile devices powered by Intel® processors and Windows* 10 help deliver on the promise of clinical mobility, helping clinicians engage with patients.

TGen, Dell, and Intel—Accelerating Science for Precision Medicine

See how TGen is solving complex problems for patients through genomic testing with Dell and Intel, which provide high performance computing tools.

CareStream Leverages Intel® Xeon® for Secure Cloud Storage

Intel and CareStream have worked together for years to provide secure cloud storage solutions for the healthcare community.

Personalized Medicine: Treating Disease through Genome Analytics

Intel® technologies reduce the cost of treating disease through genome analytics, helping clinicians deliver personalized medicine to patients.

Using Graph Analytics in Big Data for Healthcare

Unlock healthcare insights with graph analytics software, a powerful way to visualize and identify meaningful relationships from large data sets.

Precision Medical Analytics and the Collaborative Cancer Cloud

Learn how deploying a private cloud is enabling precision medicine and precision medical analytics to fuel advances in fighting cancer.

Wearable Medical Devices, Big Data & Parkinson’s Disease Research

Learn how wearable medical devices are advancing Parkinson’s research through the collection and analysis of data that has never been seen before.

Healthcare Cloud Infrastructure at Johnson & Johnson

The healthcare cloud infrastructure in place at Johnson & Johnson offers agility and improved healthcare outcomes.

Intel and Code Modernization in Higher Ed and Life Sciences

Experts talk about what code modernization means to them, and how Intel® technologies are helping bring HPC to a wider scientific community.