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Intel® Atom™ E3800 Graphics Driver Options for Windows* 7: Guide

Guide: Intel® Atom™ E3800 graphics driver decision options between Intel® EMGD vs. Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 7 features. (v.1, Aug. 2014)

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Intel® Retail Client Manager

Enabling real-time content management across digital outlets, Intel® Retail Client Manager creates value and targets audiences.

Smarter Protection for the Smart Grid

Report: McAfee explores the use of embedded technology for smart grid protection to safeguard the energy industry from cyber threats.

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Utilities Can Go Mobile to Realize the Power of GIS

Report: Discusses how to access critical information, update spatial asset data, inspect systems, automate workflows, and manage jobs with mobile GIS.

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Pecan Street, Inc. Smart Grid and Meters

Proof of concept demonstrates Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software for data analytics.

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Motion Tablet PCs Save Norris Public Power District Time, Money

Case Study: Motion tablet PCs with Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processors helped Norris Public Power District increase productivity and save time.

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Internet of Things for Energy Use Case

Case Study: Wind River discusses Internet of Things-based smart energy grid use cases and describes challenges facing intelligent energy distribution.

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Internet of Things Predictive Maintenance Use Cases

Case Study: Wind River discusses use cases for predictive maintenance in transportation, energy, and building to help leverage the IoT today.

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Helping You Create Compelling Retail Solutions

Find Intel® architecture-based retail integrators creating smart, managed solutions in signage, kiosk, and mPOS for immersive customer experiences.

Intelligent Retail and Transactional Point-of-Sale Technology

Intelligent computing technology at the retail point of sale (POS) offers an improved transaction experience, with greater convenience and security.