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Cracking the Code to a Better Career

Technology education primes young people to excel in the digital age

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Journey from Education to Employment

Designing a system that works for the journey from education to employment

New Technologies on the March in Education

The number of students learning outside the classroom is exploding as new technologies offer access to education

Ben-Gurion University Delivers Data in the Desert

Case Study: Ben-Gurion University runs Intel® Distribution on the Intel® Xeon® processor family, allowing students to mine larger security datasets.

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MiCloud* Boosts Competitiveness in Cloud Hosting Services

Case Study: MiCloud* reduces storage and network adapter transmission delays, boosting processing performance for improved cloud services.

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评估指南: Microsoft Office Excel* 2007 和 Black-Scholes*

英特尔® 处理器在 Microsoft Office Excel * 2007 中的性能测量指南,测量方法为在蒙特卡罗模拟中采用 Black-Scholes* 期权定价模型 。

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POV-Ray * 软件评估指南

本软件应用测试用于测量 POV-Ray* 各个方面的处理器和/或系统性能。

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基于微软模拟飞行 X SP2* 的 Adobe Premiere Pro CS3* 软件评估指南

基于微软模拟飞行 X SP2* 的 Adobe Premiere Pro CS3* patch 3.1.1 软件评估指南。

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Photodex ProShow Gold 4.0*: 软件评估指南

Photodex ProShow Gold 4.0* 支持用户通过添加动画效果将照片、视频和音乐组合在一起,使静态照片栩栩如生。

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软件指南: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0b* 蓝光光碟镜像创建

评估指南: 英特尔 ® 处理器在利用 Sony Vegas* 从高清摄像机导入高清视频方面的性能。输出内容为蓝光光碟 ISO 镜像。

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