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信号处理 - 借助信号处理开发套件简化

多核架构的改进使信号处理在英特尔® 处理器上可行,从而实现卓越的并行性能。

신호 처리: 신호 처리 개발 키트로 단순화

향상된 멀티코어 아키텍처를 통해 인텔® 프로세서에서 신호 처리가 가능해졌으며 고성능 병렬 처리도 가능합니다.


多核心架構的改善使得 Intel® 處理器有能力進行訊號處理,帶來優異的平行處理效能。

El procesamiento de paquetes se mejora mediante el software Intel® DPDK

Las mejoras en la arquitectura multi-core hacen que el procesamiento de paquetes sea viable en los procesadores Intel®, lo que trae como resultado un mayor desempeño y menores costos de hardware.

インテル® データ・プレーン開発キット・ソフトウェアによってパケット処理を強化

マルチコア・アーキテクチャーの改良によりパケット処理がインテル® プロセッサーで実行可能になり、高い性能の確保とハードウェア・コストの削減が可能になりました。

Intel and DCTP*

Intel helped to develop the Digital Transmission Content Protection standards specification to provide protected digital entertainment in the home.

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Performance Analysis Using Intel® Performance Primitives

White Paper: developers quickly determine how fast 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2710QE processors execute signal processing algorithms.

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Cloud Brokerage Services Create Consumer Confidence: Case Study

Case Study: CompatibleOne uses Intel® TXT to develop cloud brokerage services, confirming workload integrity and creating consumer confidence.

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Delivering a Remote Access Solution for Construction Companies

Case Study: Yanzi* Networks enables remote access solutions for construction companies, improving site management, safety, efficiency, and security.

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ISP Selectel Competes Internationally with Optimized Cloud Hosting

Success Brief: Russian ISP Selectel optimizes cloud hosting capabilities using Intel® Solid-State Drives to gain international high-end market share.

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