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Engineering Parallel Software with Patterns

Video course for higher education on Engineering Parallel Software with Patterns

How Intel Promotes Education Transformation

Explore the steps leaders in education can take to transform teaching and learning environments with solutions and technology from Intel.

Evaluating Your Technology Integration Initiative:

This memo is intended as a resource for leaders of large scale technology integration initiatives.

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Education Transformation: ICT

See how mobile PCs, education software, broadband Internet, and infrastructure create eLearning environments that can help increase student success.

Intel Support and Resources for IT Managers in Education

Education IT professionals will find premium content, best practices, and lessons learned from their peers and the IT experts at Intel.

אינטל בחינוך - אנחנו המחר, משקיעים בדור הבא

אנחנו המחר מבוססת על שיתוף פעולה בין אינטל ישראל למשרד החינוך, ומטרתה להגדיל את שיעור התלמידים המסיימים תיכון עם תעודת בגרות מדעית-טכנולוגית איכותית

Higher Education in Asia Pacific

We collaborate with universities, industry, and governments to empower students, support professors, and accelerate innovation.

Intel® Education Teachers Engage Program

Intel® Education Teachers Engage is a robust community that provides support for teachers as they implement new teaching and technology practices.

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Intel® Education Solutions

Learn how educators, IT, and government officials can prepare, plan, and maintain an education solution to advance student success around the world.

Intel University Program: Research

Intel university research programs foster collaborative industry and academia research partnerships.