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SunGard Ambit Concierge* and Intel®-based Devices Expand Banking

Watch how SunGard Ambit Concierge* supports banking with Intel®-based mobile devices to improve convenience, process efficiency, and security.

Get the amazing offers with Gaming Fridays with Intel®

Buy any Intel-powered desktop, laptop or All-in-One with a Core™ i5 or Core™ i7 processor at the event roadshow and stand to win up to THB 700,000

2 vs. 4 Socket Benchmarks: Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-4800 Family

Fewer servers lower the total cost of ownership and drive better performance of Intel® Xeon® processor E7 platforms.

Intel® Graphics Control Panel for CUI: Customization Guide 7.0

Customization Guide: Overview, installation, and customization information on Intel® Graphics Control Panel CUI 7.0. (v.1.1, May 2014)

Virtualización para entornos industriales

Las plataformas de virtualización listas para aplicaciones simplifican la consolidación de subsistemas anteriormente discretos con compatibilidad para entornos industriales.

信号処理: 信号処理開発キットで容易に

マルチコア・アーキテクチャーの改良により信号処理がインテル® プロセッサーで実行可能になり、並列化による高い性能を確保できるようになりました。

신호 처리: 신호 처리 개발 키트로 단순화

향상된 멀티코어 아키텍처를 통해 인텔® 프로세서에서 신호 처리가 가능해졌으며 고성능 병렬 처리도 가능합니다.

Virtualização para ambientes industriais

Plataformas de virtualização prontas para aplicativos para simplificar a consolidação de subsistemas anteriormente discretos dando suporte a ambientes industriais.

Processamento de sinal: simplifique com o kit de desenvolvimento de processamento de sinal

Melhorias na arquitetura multinúcleo tornam o processamento de sinal viável nos processadores Intel®, resultando em desempenho de paralelismo superior.

Виртуализация для промышленных сред

Платформы виртуализации, оптимизированные для приложений, для упрощения консолидации более ранних изолированных подсистем с поддержкой промышленных сред.