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Intel® Teach Elements—Online Professional Development Courses

Intel® Teach Elements is a series of free online professional development courses that provide deep exploration of 21st century learning concepts.

Intel Education Wild Ride: Assessment: Project Objectives

Standards are used to define curriculum priorities without constraining classroom methods and teaching styles.

Intel Education Wild Ride: Supporting Success: Teaming that Works

Teaming is an evolutionary process. Join one team’s journey from individualism to collaboration.

Intel Education Wild Ride: Supporting Success: Technology

View technology access at a Jr. High and the team’s reflections of the use of technology in the classroom.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects From Sea to Sea

WebQuesting students enact Chamber of Commerce roles to learn about economy for a local city and present.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects: Phabulous Physics

To learn about motion, students solve linear motion physics puzzles and work with challenging physics problems.

Intel and Education Transformation: Professional Development

Discover professional development courses, tools, and other resources that help educators lead a transformation to 21st century learning environments.

Intel® Teach Program Portfolio

Intel® Teach provides flexibility. All courses enable teachers to introduce, expand, support 21st century learning using existing curricula.

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Intel® Education—K-12 STEM Resources

Intel provides free STEM curriculum, competitions, and online resources to encourage students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Inquiry in the Science Classroom – Intel® Teach Elements

Transition from textbook science to authentic inquiry. Explore ways to develop students' scientific thinking with this engaging eLearning course.