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Intel PhD Fellowship Program

Intel PhD Fellowship Program

Tech Talk Webinars

Tech Talk Webinars

Arduino and Galileo development boards

Intel is providing universities with Arduino-compatible Galileo development boards.

What Is ISEF?

Learn more about the Intel® International Science and Engineering Fair.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects From Sea to Sea

WebQuesting students enact Chamber of Commerce roles to learn about economy for a local city and present.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects: Phabulous Physics

To learn about motion, students solve linear motion physics puzzles and work with challenging physics problems.

FIRST Robotics Competition for Intel® Classmate PCs Image Portal

Find instructions and links to the latest images for Intel® classmate PCs to meet your FIRST Robotics Competition needs.

OTP Pledge Clients

OTP Pledge Clients

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects: Wave of Spring

Students anticipate and track the arrival of spring as they plant tulip bulbs and share with other students.

Intel Education Designing Effective Projects: Robin

Community-minded students help a wildlife rehabilitation center analyze small animal injury data.