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Ch. 3: Role of Leadership in Education for Guiding Systemic Change

Guide, Ch. 3: Discusses the role of consistent leadership in education and a systemic approach for creating transformational changes.

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Transforming Education for the Next Generation Guide

Guide: Describes how to improve education for the next generation through well-planned initiatives for technology, curriculum, policy, and more.

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Intel® Education Software

Intel® Education Software, customized applications for learning, classroom, and IT management.

Intel® Education News and Events

Get the latest news and see upcoming online and in-person events about products, courses, and technologies designed to improve 21st century learning.

Intel® Education—Evaluation

Intel performs rigorous, objective evaluations of the teaching and learning programs we provide.

Project RED: Global Toolkit for Education, Chapter 7

Information and Communication Technology: Starting the ICT journey, transitioning from 20:1 to 1:1, and info communication tech recommendations.

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Project RED: Global Toolkit for Education, Chapter 8 Conclusion

Sustainable Resourcing, Student Success, and Economic Development: Financial impact of 1:1 eLearning, best practices, and investment suggestions.

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Project RED: A Global Toolkit for Education Transformation

Global Toolkit provides research, tools, and resources to help schools achieve groundbreaking results from new education technology and ICT programs.

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Project RED: Global Education Transformation Toolkit Addendum

Provides checklists for key implementation factors of the Project RED global toolkit for education transformation, including leadership and policy.

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Project RED: Global Toolkit for Education, Chapter 1

Introduction: An overview of Project RED, with keys to implementing successful programs, understanding different education systems, and first steps.

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