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Intel Parallel Programming Curriculum Initiative

This program aims to build mind share and demonstrate Intel’s architecture leadership across the many-core compute continuum.

Intel® Security Curriculum Program

The Intel Security Curriculum Program seeks to engage university professors to develop and disseminate security curriculum.

Collaboration Tackles Multi-Disciplinary Packaging Curricula

Microelectronics Packaging Higher Ed curriculum

Microelectronics Fabrication Curriculum

Resources to help bridge the gap between the disciplines required for fully understanding semiconductor fabrication

EEE498 Electrical Engineering Curriculum

Overview of Electrical Engineering curriculum for non-EEs

Intel Security Curriculum List

Intel Security Curriculum List

Intel Parallel Programming Curricula List

Intel Parallel Programming Curricula List

Intel® Higher Education: Curriculum and Resources for Professors

Intel provides higher education faculty worldwide with curriculum and resources for emerging technologies.

MAE498 Curriculum

Overview course in Mechanical Engineering for non-MEs