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Intel® Galileo curriculum

Intel® Galileo Donations generate Intel® Galileo curriculum for universities.

Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Cards

In today’s connected world, technology can help you communicate, connect, and create.

Intel® Learn Program

The Intel® Learn Program helps youth from underserved communities develop their digital literacy, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Card: Use a Printer

Do you want to print a copy of the document or image that you see on the computer screen? To do that, you will use a printer.

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The Right Devices for Education

How to find the right devices for your educational needs while exploring factors like device functionality, deployment, and total cost.

Laptops for Education

Discover the benefits of laptops for education powered by Intel® processors, with a wide range of options, performance, and productivity needs.

Intel® Education Software

Intel® Education Software, customized applications for learning, classroom, and IT management.

Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Card: Create a Brand for Your Business

A logo can be a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products.

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Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Card: How to Use the Help Guide

The Intel® Education Help Guide provides step-by-step instructions for hundreds of productivity tasks in user-friendly, non-technical language.

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Catalyzing Student Research: A Look Across Three Success Cases

Study looks at science fairs for success factors that make them successful and how science fair participation can catalyze student research.

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