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Securing the Cloud with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Jim Greene talks about trusted compute pools, secure on-boarding of virtual machines and auditing of the security posture in your cloud environment.

Cloud Security: Trusted Compute Pools by Intel

Watch as our daring hero confronts new-found threats in the cloud and discovers he has a secret weapon: Intel® Trusted Execution Technology.

What is Intel® Trusted Execution Technology?

Jim Greene describes Intel® Trusted Execution Technology and hardware integrity checking as a key component of cloud security.

App Addendum: Intel® Core™ i5 Processor 520E

App Power Addendum: Provides power numbers for the Intel® Core™ i5 processor 520E while running real-life applications. (v.1, Jan. 2011)

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云客户端: 英特尔 IT 广播节目

英特尔 IT 专家讨论了客户端如何持续在英特尔云计算战略中发挥重要作用。

InfiniBand 架构

InfiniBand* 架构是一种低延迟、高带宽互联架构,用于在服务器间进行高性能通信。


采用英特尔® 智能节点功耗管理器优化数据中心功耗管理,并管理电源和冷却资源。

英特尔® 智能节能技术

英特尔® 智能节能技术通过提供高效的电源管理能够节约能源和提高服务器性能。

Las Vegas Metro 视频: 真正的 CSI

了解采用英特尔® 博锐™ 技术和线性系统的 Las Vegas Metro 的信息管理系统。

Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx Series Thermal Test Board: User Guide

User Guide: Aids embedded system thermal design with Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx thermal test board and vehicle instructions. (v.001, Sept. 2010)

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