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Intel® Education—Evaluation

Intel performs rigorous, objective evaluations of the teaching and learning programs we provide.

Catalyzing Student Research: A Look Across Three Success Cases

Study looks at science fairs for success factors that make them successful and how science fair participation can catalyze student research.

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ICT, Education Reform, and Economic Growth: A Conceptual Framework

ICT, Education Reform, and Economic Growth: A Conceptual Framework

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Intel Education Assessing Projects: Assessment Plans

Get project ideas from other teachers who have used Assessing Projects in the classroom.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Elementary Plans

Elementary assessment plans for different subject areas give you a ready to adapt for implement as-is project.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Biographies

Students read biographies and create a magazine with biographies of nursing home residents.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Dangerous Animals

Primary students learn about dangerous animals and dental hygiene by studying a book about a fox and a mouse dentist.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Fraction Quest

Students research fractions on the job and share presentations that demonstrate the importance of knowing fractions.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Storm Watch

Students become weather forecasters conduct research and investigations about weather phenomena around the globe.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Great Thinkers

Students research ”Great Thinkers” and become the thinkers, sharing their lives and accomplishments with the class.