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Arduino and Galileo development boards

Intel is providing universities with Arduino-compatible Galileo development boards.

Furthering Higher Ed With Governments, NGOs and Industry

Collaborating with governments, NGOs, academia and industry to further Higher Education

Tech Talk Webinars

Tech Talk Webinars

Intel® Higher Education Programs: Entrepreneurship

Intel collaborates with governments, educators, NGOs and industry to further entrepreneurship by training innovators.

Intel® Higher Education: Student Opportunities and Internships

For higher education students interested in computing technologies, entrepreneurship, or internships, Intel offers global opportunities.

Collaboration Tackles Multi-Disciplinary Packaging Curricula

Microelectronics Packaging Higher Ed curriculum

Microelectronics Fabrication Curriculum

Resources to help bridge the gap between the disciplines required for fully understanding semiconductor fabrication

EEE498 Electrical Engineering Curriculum

Overview of Electrical Engineering curriculum for non-EEs

Intel PhD Fellowship Recipients 2009-2012

Intel PhD Fellowship Recipients 2009-2012

Embedded Design Contest

This embedded design contest challenges undergraduates to apply innovation to create a project based upon an Intel Atom processor-based platform.