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Solution Brief: Banking on Technology

Technology is helping bridge the financial services gap and empowering people previously unable to participate in the financial system.

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Intel Resources: Cultivating Innovation in Higher Education

Higher education prepares students for today's digital world, sparking innovation, helping empower populations, and expanding global opportunity.

Intel® Higher Education Briefing Kit Video

More than half of all jobs today require technology skills, and demand is increasing. Higher education is the key to developing skilled workers.

Towards Gender Equality in Education Policies and ICTs

Outlines four steps toward gender equality in education using ICTs, with a toolbox for action and connecting education to social and economic goals.

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Intel® Education Programs for Girls and Women

Intel invests in programs for girls and women around the world because education is a fundamental right, and tech opens doors to opportunity.

Intel® Education: Free Teaching Resources, Tools

Intel® Education: Free Teaching Resources, Tools, and Lesson Plans

Solution Brief: Cultivating the Next Generation of Innovators

Entrepreneurship training, including programs from the USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program and Intel, is providing students with 21st century skills.

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Intel® Education The Journey InsideSM Student Handout Digital Info

Instructional Strategies: Digital Information

Intel® Education The Journey InsideSM Student Handout: Circuits

Instructional Strategies: Circuits and Switches