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Jobs at Intel: The Blue Room

Learn more about Intel’s new pilot program for Oregon employees The Blue Room, providing a virtual environment where new hires can chat.

Jobs at Intel: Save Searches

Learn how to save a maximum of five job searches in your Intel candidate profile, enabling reuse every time you login to the system.

Jobs at Intel: Profile Login Tips

Access login tips for Intel’s candidate profile system, including how to register, access a profile, and retrieve forgotten user names and passwords.

Jobs at Intel: Interview Process

Prepare for the Intel interview process with these tips on gathering information from multiple sources, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

Jobs at Intel: Assessment Process

Learn more about the Intel candidate assessment process, including how to enhance the chances of being selected for an interview.

Jobs at Intel: Career Search

Learn how to explore career opportunities on Intel’s Web site using basic and advanced search criteria, tailoring the results to your experience.

Jobs at Intel: Candidate Profile

Access tips on completing an Intel candidate profile, including how to submit information, add appropriate attachments, and set job preferences.

Jobs at Intel: Application Process

Review the steps and complete the application process for a current job opening at Intel, includes links to tips and frequently asked questions.

Intel Encryption Classification Report 5A992-5D992

Intel encryption controlled products information.

Preview | Download

Intel Encryption Classification Report 5A002-5D002

Intel encryption controlled products information.

Preview | Download