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The Tomorrow Project: Inventing the Future, Part 1

Brian David Johnson, Justin Rattner and Alan Kay discuss visioning and inventing the future and ways to rethink energy consumption in new technology.

The Tomorrow Project: Virtual Reality

Brian David Johnson and Nola Donato on erasing the boundaries between physical reality and virtual reality. Includes future consumer applications.

The Tomorrow Project: DNA Sequencing

Brian David Johnson and geneticist Madoo Varma on creating computer chips to sequence our genes and medicine tailored to personal genetic codes.

The Tomorrow Project: Computer Security

Brian David Johnson and scientist Tadayoshi Khono on embedded computational devices, and security.

The Tomorrow Project and Futurism at Intel

Intel Futurist and sci-fi writer Brian David Johnson discusses The Tomorrow Project and explains the "future-casting" process at Intel.

Sponsors of Tomorrow Teaser

Teaser video for the Sponsors of Tomorrow webisodes which showcase the technologies of tomorrow.

The Tomorrow Project: Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

Brian David Johnson and scientist Kristi Morgansen on robotic fish and using autonomous vehicles to explore hostile environments such as our oceans.

The Tomorrow Project: Synthetic Biology

Brian David Johnson and scientist Eric Klavins on programming life and using DNA, molecules and organisms to build biological machines.

Holograms: A Conversation with Jeff Demain

Brian David Johnson and Intel Strategy Director Jeff Demain on hologram research including 3D camera capture, big pipes, and projection technology.

The Tomorrow Project: Computer Vision

Brian David Johnson and scientist Branislav Kveton on training computers to recognize faces, preferences and moods.