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The Tomorrow Project: Inventing the Future, Part 1

Brian David Johnson, Justin Rattner and Alan Kay discuss visioning and inventing the future and ways to rethink energy consumption in new technology.

The Tomorrow Project: Virtual Reality

Brian David Johnson and Nola Donato on erasing the boundaries between physical reality and virtual reality. Includes future consumer applications.

The Tomorrow Project: DNA Sequencing

Brian David Johnson and geneticist Madoo Varma on creating computer chips to sequence our genes and medicine tailored to personal genetic codes.

The Tomorrow Project: Computer Security

Brian David Johnson and scientist Tadayoshi Khono on embedded computational devices, and security.

The Tomorrow Project and Futurism at Intel

Intel Futurist and sci-fi writer Brian David Johnson discusses The Tomorrow Project and explains the "future-casting" process at Intel.

Technology Brainstorming with will.i.am and Brian David Johnson

Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson talks with Intel's Director of Creative Innovation, will.i.am about the future of technology.

Science Fiction Prototyping at the Creative Science Foundation

An annual event with scientists, designers and artists facilitates a science fiction based on science fact exploration of real world implications.

Magic Mirror, Gesture Controlled Parametric Body Modeling

Magic Mirror transforms the shopping with a consumer’s avatar, showing research in body tracking and the parametric human body model.

Sponsors of Tomorrow Teaser

Teaser video for the Sponsors of Tomorrow webisodes which showcase the technologies of tomorrow.

The Tomorrow Project: Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

Brian David Johnson and scientist Kristi Morgansen on robotic fish and using autonomous vehicles to explore hostile environments such as our oceans.