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Intel in Shannon, Ireland

Read fast facts about Intel Ireland’s Shannon campus, including the Shannon Development Center and onsite benefits and programs available.

Intel in Leixlip, Ireland

Read fast facts about Intel Ireland’s Leixlip campus, including its history, R&D initiatives, and benefits and programs available on site.

Intel In Ireland: Student Center

Intel’s Ireland Student Center provides information on internships, graduate career opportunities, rotation programs, and preparing for interviews.

Jobs at Intel in Romania

Explore jobs at Intel in Romania with a jobs quick search and links for how to apply, benefits, and locations in Bucharest, Romania.

Jobs at Intel in Germany

Learn how to apply for jobs at Intel in Germany with information on pay, stock, benefits, and locations, as well as access to student opportunities.

Jobs at Intel in Indonesia

Learn how to apply for jobs at Intel in Indonesia with information on a wide range of careers, pay, stock, benefits, and locations.

Jobs at Intel in Korea

Learn about Intel job offerings in Korea, including information on the application process, pay, stock options, benefits, and locations.

Intel in Germany: Master’s Degree Opportunities

Learn about master’s degree opportunities at Intel locations in Germany, including information on which career path is best for you.

Intel in Germany: Internship

Learn how to qualify and apply for the Intel internship program in Germany, providing university students a chance to work at Intel.

Intel in Karlsruhe, Germany

Learn about Intel’s location in Karlsruhe, Germany, including the unique benefits it offers and the sustainable business practices employed.