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Jobs at Intel

Explore jobs resources at Intel for experienced pros, with search tools, feature stories, apps, and info on process, locations, benefits, and more.

System Validation Engineering Group

System Validation Engineering at Intel in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Intel Open Source Technology Center

Read fast facts about Intel Mexico's Intel Open Source Technology Center

Datacenter Engineering Group

Read fast facts about Intel's Datacenter Engineering Group (DEG)

Health and Life Sciences at Intel

The Intel Health & Life Sciences Group (HLS) is the healthcare and life science sector.

Intel in the United States: Pay, Stock, and Benefits

Learn about options at Intel in the United States for pay, stock, and benefits, with a video overview of total compensation for Intel employees.

Intel Careers for Veterans: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Intel careers for veterans include answers about technical degrees, qualifications, and tuition assistance.

Intel in Montpellier and Nantes, France

Learn about Intel’s locations in Montpellier and Nantes, France, the Open Source Technology Center, and the Intel® CoFluent™ Technology Center.

Intel in Sophia Antipolis, France

Learn about Intel’s location in Sophia Antipolis, France, including the primary responsibilities of the team and the unique benefits offered.

Intel in Toulouse, France

Learn about Intel’s location in Toulouse, France, including the Mobile Communication Group teams, programs, and sustainable business practices.