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Candidate Questions Answered

Candidate FAQs: Can a candidate be considered for more than one position?

Candidate Questions Answered - Start Date

Candidate FAQs: Can I change my start date?

Candidate Questions Answered

Candidate FAQs: What can I expect if Intel wants to hire me?

Jobs at Intel: Candidate Help

Access Intel candidate help resources on the hiring process, including FAQ, accommodation requests, privacy policies, and a glossary of terms.

Jobs at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon

Learn about jobs at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon, which is home to wafer fabrication development and manufacturing, and discover workplace amenities.

Jobs at Intel

Explore jobs resources at Intel for experienced pros, with search tools, feature stories, apps, and info on process, locations, benefits, and more.

Discover Career Opportunities at Intel

Discover career opportunities at Intel with information for interns, college graduates, and experienced professionals covering many career paths.

Intel’s Datacenter Group

Learn more about careers with Intel’s Datacenter Group, including information on specific positions and locations.

Health and Life Sciences at Intel

The Intel Health & Life Sciences Group (HLS) is the healthcare and life science sector.

Intel Executive Search, Casey Cunningham

Intel Executive Search, Casey Cunningham