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Ch. 9: Research and Evaluation for Educational Improvement

Guide, Ch. 9: Discusses how to assess an educational technology initiative using research and evaluation to achieve program goals and extend success.

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Ch. 1: 21st Century Education for Student Success Guide

Guide, Ch. 1: Describes how to support a 21st century education with educational technology initiatives, ICT, and student-centered learning.

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Ch. 3: Role of Leadership in Education for Guiding Systemic Change

Guide, Ch. 3: Discusses the role of consistent leadership in education and a systemic approach for creating transformational changes.

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Ch. 6: Curriculum and Assessment for Active Learning Strategies

Guide, Ch. 6: Discusses how to modernize curriculum and assessment frameworks to support 21st century skills and active learning strategies.

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Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Card: How to Use the Help Guide

The Intel® Education Help Guide provides step-by-step instructions for hundreds of productivity tasks in user-friendly, non-technical language.

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Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Card: Create A Newsletter

A newsletter is a publication that is distributed frequently. It contains information about topics that are of interest to its readers.

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Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Card: Send An E-Card

An e-card or electronic card is a greeting card sent via the Internet.

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Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Card: Create A Survey Form

A survey form is a tool used to gather information about opinions or concerns from a large number of people.

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Intel® Education Solutions

Learn how educators, IT, and government officials can prepare, plan, and maintain an education solution to advance student success around the world.

Case Study: Pioneering 1:1 Learning in Shanghai

Intel partnered with a primary school in Shanghai to streamline teaching using the Intel-powered classmate PCs and the Education Appliance.

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