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Connecting People to Their Potential

Through our collaboration with governments, nonprofits, and other organizations, we seek to put technology to work for the greater social good.

Intel® Silicon Photonics Research

Intel® Silicon Photonics Research

Intel Technology Journal

4G Wireless Communications: Real World Aspects and Tools

Intel Technology Journal

4G Communications: System Design Challenges

Intel Technology Journal

Sustainable Intelligent Systems

Intel Technology Journal Abstract

Exploring Control and Autonomic Computing

Intel Technology Journal

Intelligent Embedded Systems

Intel® Education Programs for Girls and Women

Intel invests in programs for girls and women around the world because education is a fundamental right, and tech opens doors to opportunity.

Meet the Intel Labs Researchers

The researchers of Intel Labs focus on a variety of innovation areas including transportation, immersive experience, efficient computing, and more.

Intel Technology Journal – Towards Secure and Usable Authentication

Intel Technology Journal – Volume 18, Issue 04 Towards Secure and Usable Authentication

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