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Intel® Galileo Maker Board Retailers

Find retailers for the Arduino*-compatible Intel® Galileo maker board, including Adafruit, Micro Center, Mouser, Newegg, RS Components, and Fry’s.

內含 Intel Inside® 的 ASUS Fonepad™

ASUS Fonepad™ 結合平板電腦的強大效能與智慧型手機的行動力,讓您更能享受最愛的功能。

The ASUS FonePad* with Intel Inside®

Combining the power of a tablet with the mobility of a smartphone, the Asus FonePad* lets you enjoy more of your favorite things.

ASUS Fonepad* พร้อม Intel Inside®

ผสานพลังของแท็บเล็ตกับความสะดวกในการพกพาของสมาร์ทโฟน ASUS Fonepad* ช่วยให้คุณเพลิดเพลินกับสื่อบันเทิงต่างๆ ได้มากกว่า

Education Apps for All-in-Ones

From early education to advanced study, learning never stops; touch-enabled education apps for all-in-ones engage you for an interactive experience.

Entertainment Apps for All-in-Ones

Unwind your own way—watch movies, listen to music, connect with friends, and more—via entertainment apps designed for the all-in-one multi-touch PC.

Game Apps for All-in-Ones

Play arcade classics, puzzle, strategy, and more game apps, reimagined for all-in-one touch for solo or multi-player interactive fun.

All-in-One: Big Performance in a Small Footprint

Discover new all-in-one performance, with versatile designs, touch response, HD display, and all of the computing capability in one efficient device.

Intel® Wireless Display Lowers Delay Latency for Superior Gaming

Intel® Wireless Display improves latency between devices for highly interactive gaming, while a USB back channel enhances the mobile experience.

Intel® Technology and Windows 8* Enhance Wireless Performance

Intel® Wireless Display using Windows 8* has touch-enabled operation for instantaneous video selection and supports unimpeded content streaming.