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Business System Advisor Tool

Use the Business System Advisor Tool to mix, match, and select the right mix of PCs to meet your small business goals and requirements.

Change Old Desktops to New Intel® Desktops and Boost Productivity

Infographic shows the benefits of changing legacy desktops to new Intel® desktops, which help lower IT costs and boost employee productivity.

Replace your Desktops with Mini PCs and Expand your Potential

Infographic shows the benefits of replacing old desktops with new mini PCs, which can help expand your potential, and lower IT and power costs.

Power Up—New Desktops with 6th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

Get cutting-edge performance and hardware-enhanced security with desktop PCs powered by 6th gen Intel® Core™ processors that power up your business.

6th gen Intel® Core™ Desktop

6th gen Intel® Core™ desktop PCs maximize business productivity. Choose from expandable towers, clutter-free All-in-One PCs, and compact mini PCs.

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