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Translation of PowerPC*/AltiVec* SIMD Macros to IA32/SSE - SW

Software: Modified tool version using the same interface and targeting Intel® processors with the SSE4 level of SIMD support. (May 2011)

Intelligent Power Sharing Reference Code for Calpella Platform

Software: Package includes intelligent power sharing reference code that can be ported into specific BIOS implementations for mobile systems.

Intel® AMT Application Development Kit Best Known Methods Sharing

Presentation: Best known methods for Intel® AMT cover application development and programming, with a C# walkthrough. (Jan. 2010)

Performance Library Basics for Embedded Systems

Article: A performance library produces routines that perform required functions, establishing a storehouse of optimized code. (v.1, Nov. 2010)

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Freedesktop: VA-API Software

Freedesktop.org offers download, news, about information, Git, specifications, drivers, and software for Video Acceleration API (VA-API).

Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit

Use the Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit to understand Intel® vPro™ technology benefits and assist in development and testing.

TurboSystems: Android Board Support Package*

Download the Android Board Support Package*, user guide, and source code for Intel® Atom™ processor E600 series.

3D Navigation Sample Application Replicating a City Tour

Software: Application is a simplified version of an animation generated by a 3D navigation system, using graphics to replicate a city tour.

Optimization Opportunities for Multi-Core Performance

A template for identifying performance-optimization opportunities for multi-core performance benefits.

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Diagnostic Software Development Kit (SDK) Libraries

Software: SDK libraries are a code base for application development, diagnostics, and tools for Intel® Network Adapters. (v.19.3 PV, Jul. 2014)