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Using DSP Software Conversion Tools for Intel® Processors

Presentation: Describes tools that simplify DSP software conversion to Intel® processors, including the use of VSIPL* and AltiVec*. (April 2009)

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Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx SPI Programming Guide: Note

Application Note: Guide to programming SPI Serial Flash on Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx series Platform Controller Hub. (v.1.3, May 2015)

Introduction to Intel® Software Development Tools

Overview of development tools that get the best performance out of Intel® silicon. (v.1, Oct. 2009)

Intelligent Power Sharing Reference Code for Calpella Platform

Software: Package includes intelligent power sharing reference code that can be ported into specific BIOS implementations for mobile systems.

Intel® AMT Application Development Kit Best Known Methods Sharing

Presentation: Best known methods for Intel® AMT cover application development and programming, with a C# walkthrough. (Jan. 2010)

Intel® Accelerated DSP Software: Manual

API Reference Manual: Intel® Accelerated DSP Software APIs: telephony framework, init/shutdown, endpoint and router, and more. (v.001.1, Dec. 2009)

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Intel® Accelerated DSP Software: Release Note

Release Note: Describes Intel® Accelerated DSP Software release 1.1 and known issues with platform components. (v.002, Oct. 2010)

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Performance Library Basics for Embedded Systems

Article: A performance library produces routines that perform required functions, establishing a storehouse of optimized code. (v.1, Nov. 2010)

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Optimization Opportunities for Multi-Core Performance

A template for identifying performance-optimization opportunities for multi-core performance benefits.

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Intel® Parallel Studio XE Delivers Top Application Performance

An overview of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE compiler tools deliver top application performance by minimizing development, tuning, and testing time.