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Firmware Support Enables Fast Boot Implementations: Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® Firmware Support Package integrates into a boot loader of the developer’s choice for faster implementation (v.001, Feb. 2013).

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Intel® Management Engine Manufacturing Overview: Training

Training: Intel® Management Engine manufacturing overview includes platform controller hub, requirements, flash, and demos. (v.001, Jan. 2011)

Intel® Management Engine Test Suite V.2.x Tutorial

Tutorial provides detailed Intel® Management Engine Test Suite overview with installation instructions, “how to,” and performance. (Sept. 2010)

Firmware Tools for Dual Processor Support of Intel® Platform

Software: Package has the BIOS for Intel® Xeon™ processor platform, system tools, and instructions for building an image with dual processor support.

Intel® Management Engine Power Settings Affecting Wake on LAN

White Paper: Documents Intel® Management Engine power settings, including ENERGY STAR considerations, that affect ME wake on LAN. (v.1, May 2007)

Intel® ICH Family SPI Flash Programming Guide: Application Note

Application Note: Clarify aspects of programming SPI flash on ICH family-based platforms, includes compatibility, BIOS, and tools. (v.2.4, Sept. 2008)

Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family: BIOS Spec Update NDA

BIOS Spec Update NDA: Device and document errata, spec clarification, and changes for Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family BIOS Spec. (v.1.14, Aug. 2007)

Intel® ICH7 BIOS: Spec Update NDA

Spec Update NDA: Device and documentation errata, spec clarification, and changes for the Intel® ICH7 BIOS Specification Rev. 2.0. (v.2.5, Apr. 2008)

Intel® ME Firmware 1.5 MB for Windows XP/7*: Install Package

Install Package: Contains the Intel® Management Engine firmware, 1.5 MB version, for Cougar Point for Windows XP*, Windows 7*, and WES7*. (May 2011)

Intel® Management Engine Firmware, 1.5 MB Version

Software: Intel® Management Engine Firmware, 1.5 MB version, for Intel® 6 Series Chipset and Intel® C200 series chipset for various Windows* OS.