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Intel® Trusted Platform Module BIOS Development Kit

Software: Package includes drivers and utilities that aid in BIOS software development of an Intel® Trusted Platform Module 1.2 device.

Implementing Firmware on Embedded Intel® Architecture Designs

White Paper: Design guidelines and technical issues for implementing and debugging embedded firmware on an Intel® architecture system. (Jan. 2009)

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Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator—Video BIOS: Software Spec

Video BIOS related usage models and impact on Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator implementations. (v.1.2, Nov. 2011)

Intel® Intelligent Test System (Intel® ITS) Meets Firmware Testing Challenges

See how you can face the challenges of firmware testing and get to market without delays using the Intel® Intelligent Test System.

Intel® Firmware Engine 2.0 Demo at the 2016 Intel Developer Forum

Listen as Brian Richardson, an Intel Evangelist, demos the Intel® Firmware Engine 2.0 in the Maker Space at 2016 Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen.

Intel® Core™ Processor-Based Customer Reference Board BIOS Image

Software: BIOS image for the customer reference board based on 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® 6 Series Chipset. (v.81, Apr. 2012)

Ibex Peak Intel® Management Engine: Specification Update

Update: Device and documentation errata, and specification clarifications and changes for the Ibex Peak Intel® Management Engine. (v.0.57, Jan. 2009)

ibx-Intel® 5 Series Chipset Platform Controller Hub Reference Code

Software: Package includes Intel® 5 Series Chipset reference code used to initialize and control PCH modules in the system pre-boot process.

Intel® ICH7 BIOS: Spec Update NDA

Spec Update NDA: Device and documentation errata, spec clarification, and changes for the Intel® ICH7 BIOS Specification Rev. 2.0. (v.2.5, Apr. 2008)

Intel I/O Controller Hub 8 BIOS: Spec Update

Specification Update: Includes Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8 BIOS errata, spec clarifications, document changes, and sightings. (v.001.82, June 2008)