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Intelligent Platform Management Specifications Downloads

A portal page with links to tech documents for intelligent platform management specifications, including interface, bus, and chassis management bus.

IPMI Specification, V2.0/1.5, Rev. 5: Addenda/Errata

Addendum: Provides addenda, errata, and clarifications for the IPMI spec doc, V2.0, rev. 1.0, and V1.5, rev. 1.1.

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IPMI Specification, V2.0, Markup for Addendum, Rev. 5: Document

Document: The IPMI Second Generation Specification, V2.0, rev. 1.1, markup with revisions marked for rev. 5 of the corresponding addendum.

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IPMI Second Generation: Adopter’s Agreement

Adopter’s Agreement: A patent license agreement among parties wishing to adopt the IPMI second generation specification, including terms of use.

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Server Management Tools Enable Design Differentiation

Presentation: Server management tools and controllers enable competitive server management features and enable design differentiation.

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ICMB Bridge Specification, V1.0, rev. 1.3: Document

Document: ICMB Specification, V1.0, rev. 1.3, defines the protocol and interface used to communicate with intelligent devices.

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Implementing IPMI, V1.5 for Server Management

Presentation: IPMI, V1.5 provides the foundation for extensible, cross-platform manageability, and reduces time to market.

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Field Replaceable Unit Information Storage for IPMI: Document

Document: Defines and describes the common format and use of the field replaceable unit information storage in platforms using IPMI.

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IPMB, V1.0, Address Allocation: Document

Document: Provides the allocation and use of inter-integrated circuit slave addresses for devices on the intelligent platform management bus (IPMB).

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Advances in Intelligent Platform Management

Presentation: The intelligent platform management interface provides a foundation for cross-platform interoperability.

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