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IPMI Software Tools

IPMI software tools are available for download, including the V2.0 conformance test suite, reference drivers, and the V2.0 command test tool.

SCSI Accessed Fault Tolerant Enclosures Specification Download

Provides a link to the SCSI Accessed Fault Tolerant Enclosures Interface Specification, April 1997 revision, and an explanation of the specification.

IPMI Second Generation: Adopter’s Agreement

Adopter’s Agreement: A patent license agreement among parties wishing to adopt the IPMI second generation specification, including terms of use.

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Intelligent Server Management Using IPMI, V2.0

Presentation: Describes using IPMI, V2.0, for intelligent server management that reduces time to market and supports value-added extensibility.

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Using IPMI, V1.5, Specification for Server Management

Presentation: Introduces the IPMI, V1.5 specification, which enables competitive server management features and will evolve to support new interfaces.

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Using IPMI Platform Management in Modular Computer Systems

Presentation: Modular computer systems benefit from IPMI, which unifies modular server platform management and reduces time to market.

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Platform Event Trap Specification: Document

Document: Provides the platform event trap specification, which sends a platform event in a simple network management protocol trap.

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SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosures Interface, R041497: Spec

Spec: The SCSI accessed fault-tolerant enclosures interface (R041497) allows disk and RAID controllers to integrate with peripheral packaging.

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IPMI Specification, V1.5, Markup for Addendum, Rev. 5: Document

Document: IPMI Specification, V1.5, rev. 1.1, markup with revisions for rev. 1 through rev. 5 of the related addendum.

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IPMI Specification, V1.5, Rev. 5: Addendum

Addendum: Provides addenda, errata, and clarifications for IPMI, V1.5.

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