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IPMI Second Generation: Adopter’s Agreement

Adopter’s Agreement: A patent license agreement among parties wishing to adopt the IPMI second generation specification, including terms of use.

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Platform Management Tools and Controllers Enhance Design

Presentation: Platform management tools reduce system cost, while available controllers and sensors meet design differentiation needs.

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Intelligent Server Management Using IPMI, V2.0

Presentation: Describes using IPMI, V2.0, for intelligent server management that reduces time to market and supports value-added extensibility.

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IPMI, V1.0, Overview, Progress, and Implementation

Presentation: IPMI, V1.0, overview looks at technology that provides a foundation for platform management using off-the-shelf components.

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Using IPMI, V1.5, Specification for Server Management

Presentation: Introduces the IPMI, V1.5 specification, which enables competitive server management features and will evolve to support new interfaces.

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IPMB Communications Protocol Specification, V1.0: Document

Document: The IPMB specification, V1.0, defines a byte-level transport of IPMI messages between intelligent inter-integrated circuit devices.

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Using IPMI Platform Management in Modular Computer Systems

Presentation: Modular computer systems benefit from IPMI, which unifies modular server platform management and reduces time to market.

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Practical Applications for IPMI, V2.0

Presentation: IPMI, V2.0 enables cross-platform management, reduces time to market, and supports value-added extensibility.

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Platform Event Trap Specification: Document

Document: Provides the platform event trap specification, which sends a platform event in a simple network management protocol trap.

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SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosures Interface, R041497: Spec

Spec: The SCSI accessed fault-tolerant enclosures interface (R041497) allows disk and RAID controllers to integrate with peripheral packaging.

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