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Data Center Manageability Interface (DCMI)

Learn how to simplify multi-platform management implementations with the Data Center Manageability Interface, saving time, costs, and maximizing IT.

Data Center Manageability Interface DCMItool: Source Download

Source Download: Data Center Manageability Interface DCMItool source code download provides basic coding, command, and interface examples.

DCMI Conformance Test Suite Sample Source Download

Hyperlinked download options for the DCMI conformance test suite sample source in WinZip* format for Windows* and tar format for Linux*.

DCMI Conformance Test Suite: User Documents

User Documents: Download the DCMI Conformance Test Suite user guides for Microsoft Windows* and Linux*.

DCIM Best Known Methods (BKMs) for Intel’s Data Center

White Paper: Proof of concept best-known methods for exploring potential benefits of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions.

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DCMI Host Interface Specification

Specification: Defines the DCMI host interface as one that enables the PC BIOS and host software agents to transfer DCMI requests.

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